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Based in Tel Aviv, Jacob Bryce acts as Venture Partner & integrated Team-Member of VC funds and of Corporate VC / Innovation, covering the Israeli startup ecosystem (plus EU deep-tech startups), for the purposes of VC investment, business/technology collaboration and M&A. 

* Scouting for startups corresponding to client's business/investment needs.

* Analysis/assessment of startups' qualities and relevance.
* Facilitating commercial cooperation between startups and client's innovation teams, R&D teams and business units.

* Developing a network of relationships for the client with the key players in the Israeli tech ecosystem operating in the client's fields (VCs, CVCs, Universities, R&D Centres, Accelerators/Incubators, Government Entities, etc).

* Arranging focused visits to Israel for the client (and its business units) to meet with startups and to foster relationships within the Israeli tech ecosystem.

* Facilitating negotiations, due diligence and transaction execution of commercial/investment transactions.
* Post-transaction, assisting ongoing communications between client & startup (inc. standing in as alternate director).

* Assisting the client to formulate and to evolve its approach/vision towards open innovation.


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